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Forget what I said yesterday.
That project has just been bumped out of the No. 1 Priority spot because of:

Basically, I just found out that my education institute is running a short film competition endorsed by the ABC with prizes. My 101 Things list also includes creating a short film and submitting a film to a film festival.

Entries open in 45 days. Let's hope they don't close too quickly, because I'll be in Fiji for my brother's wedding the very day that entries open >_<

Anyway, I need to do this above all else because there's a deadline!

Now I need to think about this like crazy.
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I've been drawing like crazy recently. CRAZY I TELLS YA!
I was thinking... I'm not ready to make a tv show just yet, as much as I'd like to. My animation skills haven't been developed enough for that. Plus I don't currently have the time/money for it to be feasible to even start.

But there are some other things on my to-create list that have caught my interest of late.

I'm doing the 101 Things in 1001 Days for the second time. It's been about a month now, and I've accomplished a few things, while getting started on other things.

And so, drawing Blob Bunny Blob Bunny by Natnie and Sad Owl Blank Sad Owl Meme by Natnie made me think that maybe I could make them main characters in an animation. Only, some other things on my list include making an Android app and writing / illustrating a children's book. So I thought, maybe I could combine these goals by creating an interactive children's storybook for Android tablets and iPad.

I've had enough experience in Adobe Flash to get started (though I'll have to get learning some ActionScript 3 later) - Flash CS5.5 and up can create native iOS and Android apps, so that's ideal for me: i.e. someone who doesn't want to learn Java because she has better things to do, plus it sounds really boring. Also I can't afford to hire anyone to do it for me, unless I got lucky on Pozible.

So anyway, I think this is what I'm going to be trying to focus my attention on during this time off my studies (I go back on the 16th of July). I'll get as much of it done as I can, even if it's only still in the planning stage.

This idea has potential... doesn't it? Potential as... like, a moneymaker? Because I need money like Christian Bale's Batman needs a throat lozenge.
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I think people tend to wonder about me. I'm asexual and intersexed, and I'm not interested in relationships; if I spent my life alone, I wouldn't consider it that bad. I spend my life absorbed in personal creative projects - always have, always will.
Some people might wonder how someone could be inspired if there is no love in their life, but it's pretty simple. Let me explain.

Almost every human being has an innate desire to leave a legacy. To have someone to carry on a piece of themselves into the future, long after they've died. For many (I daresay most) people, this manifests itself as a desire to have children. In this way, they pass on their genes to the next generation, thereby living on through the children.

Realising this, it's simple logic to see that there's absolutely no way I can pursue this method of leaving a legacy. Because of my intersex condition, I don't have the equipment to have children, and therefore never can and never will.

I think part of my brain knew this all along, because I've had no interest in finding a partner or having sex, let alone feeling a biological clock ticking away.

So, that's one way of leaving a legacy. What are some others?

Well, there's being really, really talented and good at something, like a runner or the world's best chess player. People definitely remember those guys.
...But I'm not exceptional at anything.

There's being famous in general - be it an actor, or a musician, or just famous for no reason like Lara Bingle is.
...I'm not attractive or charismatic enough to be famous. Not even INTERNET famous.

Then, there's creating something that leaves a mark on peoples' memories.
I am a creative person, no doubt. I'm not GREAT at anything and quite possibly never will be, but being GOOD at a number of things, I feel, is still within my reach.
To be creative, to me, is to continually try and make something that is going to leave my mark on the world in some way. Something that will outlast me. Something that people will look at a hundred years from now and think, "this means something to me".

That's what drives me. I draw and I draw and I write and I write and I animate and I animate and I sing and I do all kinds of stuff - all for the purpose of leaving something behind. Because my life MUST NOT be wasted doing frivolous things.

This is also why I've historically resented jobs I have had - it is always vaccuuming up the time I NEED to do things like animation. Animation is just about the most time-consuming artistic endeavour possible! And yet it's this medium that I want to leave my mark. Why animation? Because I'm not nearly good enough at drawing to be an acclaimed still artist - and I consider myself pretty damn good at using animation software. All I need is to close the gaps in my knowledge through lots of practice. But where do I find the time for that if I have to work all the time?

All I can do is keep persisting, I suppose.
Hey all, just letting you know I've been doing tonnes of drawings on Drawception these past few months. Here's my profile page:…
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Hi all, been a while since my last entry here.
Anyway, I haven't worked on A&E for a while, for many different reasons, the biggest one being I have got more interested in animation than still images.

Besides remaking an animation I made back in 2004 [… ], I've been planning something of a major project, called Good Deeds Depravia, which is probably going to be a 20-40 minute cartoon. I'm going to be participating in Script Frenzy in April to write my script for it. I've been working on my character concept art, and piecing my plotline together.

Here's a poster I created to show off on the Script Frenzy site:

Good Deeds Depravia Poster by Natnie

Once the script is finished and I've sorted all of what I need, I'm going to try and raise some money to fund the project. I'll have to create a trailer of some kind to help promote it. This year, I'm learning a lot about film making in a Screen & Media course, so I should be quite capable very soon. This is an exciting first step in what could be a pretty big deal!
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Starting today, I'm going to be posting special sketches, studies and draft comics in my scrapbook. Just to give a sneak peek of things to come. Obviously if there's some kind of big reveal, I won't post it in there, but otherwise I will!
So if you're interested in Ather & Earth, take a look!

Ather and Earth sneak peek 1 by Natnie Ather and Earth sneak peek 2 by Natnie Ather and Earth sneak peek 3 by Natnie Ather and Earth sneak peek 4 by Natnie

Alan's room by Natnie Alan in chair by Natnie
Hey all.

Well, I participated in NaNoWriMo this year, third year in a row now. Let me say this: say what you will about writing crappy prose, but speak no ill of the motivational benefits of NaNoWriMo. It is like an adrenalin injection. It makes me want to create more and more.
So, my comic will be resuming very shortly.
Hey guys,

Just filing a request for some feedback on some of my comic pages - if you could let me know what you think of them it would be really cool! Because I have not had very much commentary on the pages so far, and they take me a long time to draw - if there is anything that's no good, it's probably best that I find out before I do more than this!… - this is my Ather & Earth Page gallery.

Things I already am aware of, and attempting to work on:

- My anatomy. I  like to pride myself on being able to draw people above all other things, but I'm fully aware that I still need work in this area. I'm not very good with dynamic poses, and I'm a little hit & miss on some facial expressions. My main problem is hands. I need to study them a lot more, because I'm very inconsistent with them. Sometimes I can get it right, but other times I get it so very wrong. At least nowadays I'm able to visualise what side the thumb goes before I draw the hand... most of the time.

- My backgrounds. I can be lazy with backgrounds. I've just started using a program called Sweet Home 3D which allows me to create a 3 dimensional building and take snapshots. So I've been taking snapshots and then going over them in Inkscape or Illustrator to create vector art. The trouble is, it doesn't blend in with my art style particularly well. However, I'm just not very good at drawing backgrounds any other way. So I am not sure what I can do about this, except just keep practicing I guess.

If you can comment on the pages, that would make me SO happy. Also what would make me happy is if you went to the website for this comic - - and commented there.
It's a big ask, I know. But I will give you a llama if you do!
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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 8, 2010, 4:35 AM

No, I haven't slacked off on my art. I haven't posted anything here for a bit, but I've been working really hard on Ather & Earth. <-Bookmark me!

I've finished page 5 and 6 since my last deviation was put up - page 6 was a doozy. I crammed 7 pretty complex panels in, and made a background using Sweet Home 3D traced over in Inkscape. It took me a good 7-8 hours of work. (Holy cow)

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It's been one week since I started my new job, and I must say it's been something of a whirlwind.

I actually have really enjoyed it. It's a startup business that's an offshoot from a popular turf company, so it's already got a substantial client base. It's got plenty of money, so I don't have to worry too much about expenses within the business, and the best part? I'm being treated as a full adult, trusted to complete my work without supervision. In fact, on my FIRST DAY, I was given a key to the office and left alone in it for about 90 minutes at the end of the day, locking up as I left.
My last employers did not consider me that trustworthy. I really feel like I'm respected in this place.
What's more, I am not expected to work miracles, and I'm part of a greater team. So I don't have to handle all the aspects of the websites I will be managing. I will mainly be handling the creation of front end html and css, as well as updating the websites and generally being an allrounder for web and graphics. I'm working with specialist graphic designers and backend developers, so the burden is not all on me, and I can focus on getting the html/css right, as well as liasing between the designers and developer.

It's really an ideal job for this point in my career.

Hurray for a $40k salary, too. I finally feel like my life has reached a new level.
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Good news for me, not so good news for my art...

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 6:02 AM

I got offered a job today!

I've been unemployed since the beginning of July, so this is good. Except that as someone unemployed, I've had time to work on my art and really get inspired. With a job, I won't have much time for that.

Still, it's generally good. I have a credit card debt I need to pay off and have barely touched since I've been on welfare. I can attribute said debt to having to register my car and have some tyres replaced in July. Bed timing to be unemployed eh?

Anyway, hopefully I'll still be arting it up during evenings and weekends. If I don't post anything in over a week, feel free to poke me.


Today I began participating the in the 100 Theme Challenge, something I've been eyeing for a long time now. Well, I've now made three pieces of art for it. This journal entry will track the deviations I've done for it.

001. Introduction
001 Introduction -100 Themes by Natnie

002. Love
002 Love -100 Themes by Natnie

003. Light
003 Light -100 Themes by Natnie

004. Dark
004 Dark -100 Themes by Natnie

005. Seeking Solace
005 Seeking Solace -100 Themes by Natnie
Owl Emoticon by Natnie I Love Owls Stamp by Natnie
I like owls. Can't deny it. Owls are totally awesome. I surround myself with owl stuff. Even got an owl tattoo when I turned 18. That was 6 years ago, and I still think owls are awesome. So, this journal post is dedicated to owls. Shame I couldn't find an owl-based journal skin. I could make one. I'll just have to learn how to do so at some stage. Definitely no stranger to CSS & HTML so it shouldn't be too hard.

(Just) Some of my own owl art:
Ather and Earth 1 by Natnie The Magician by OwlStorm Queen of Swords by OwlStorm The World by OwlStorm The Fool by OwlStorm Kind of like a barn owl... by OwlStorm Spooked owl by OwlStorm Another owl part 2 by OwlStorm Furry Owl by OwlStorm Haughty Owl by OwlStorm Disgruntled Owl by OwlStorm

Other awesome owl art:
T'enera by Myrskyt Owl by LoomArts :thumb176998144: Owl 2 by intoxicatingeyes Hoot by Pie4Me Teeny Happy Barn Owl by ursulav Owl... by virrewe Owl by DappleHack owl by Piquipauparro Buhito. by faboarts

Night Owl by Resafandrab Night Owl by Kiqo7 Owls. by Monster-Boar
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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 26, 2010, 7:57 PM

I'm an Asexual. :clone:

What's The Big Deal? by Natnie A Very Ace Cake by Dreaming-of-Okains

An asexual is someone who isn't sexually attracted to anyone. I have no interest in sexual activity with others and, in fact, have no urges or desires at all when I meet people. My brain just doesn't function in that way.

I am an active member of AVEN - the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.

And on Thursday, I'll be giving a talk at Wollongong University on Asexuality!

Deviously Asexual - Stamp by asexual-deviants   kinsey X by starbunnies Asexual Doesn't Mean... Stamp by AETitus gay, straight or bi stamp by anime1addict

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Using My Journal!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 26, 2010, 2:32 AM
After making this account 3 years ago, I figured it was probably time to start using the account. So, here I am writing my first journal entry.

I've actually been a member here for 6 years, but I created a new account 3 years ago. My old account is :iconowlstorm: but obviously my art has improved quite a bit since that time.

I originally created this account to promote my old comic series, Paralellax. I stopped that project when I went to the UK for a working holiday, and pretty much abandoned it.
In December 2008, I had a new idea for a comic series. The idea has been developing in my mind since then. It's been a long time, but I was basically not only developing the story and characters, but also my drawing skills. In fact, recently my style has improved a lot, and I've got a lot better at drawing my characters since their original designs. I'm glad I didn't start on it earlier.

The comic will be called "Ather and Earth" and will be released online in instalments of 24 pages (or so) each "book".

The story:

Cellith is a human living in Tolli Castle, in the land of Ather, populated by Elvish royalty. She lives in a world of magic, where controlling the elements is commonplace and young dragons are kept as pets. But she is lonely. Humans are rare in this world, and she is the only one that lives within the castle, which she cannot leave. Humans have been hunted for a century by the Therians, animal shapeshifters, a race of people that were once human. It has been long forgotten why human beings are being slaughtered every day by Therians; all they know is that they must hide. The elves, too, are teetering on the edge of war with the Therians, and it's all because they are harbouring Cellith. Cellith feels like a burden, trapped alone in her chamber.

Linda is Cellith's Earth counterpart. She lives in a small town in England, where she goes to school and leads a dull, uninteresting life. She wishes something interesting would happen to her. She loves escapism of all forms: fantasy novels, video games, role playing and movies. Anything to escape her dreary British life.

Cellith and Linda have just had their 15th birthdays, and everything is about to change. Every night, they have begun dreaming about their other self. What is the meaning of the other world? Why have they started to dream of each other? The answer will come at the end of the first book, and then the story really starts.

Cellith by Natnie Cellith and Linda Poster by Natnie Elder ? by Natnie Juray by Natnie Ather and Earth Promo by Natnie Ather and Earth Promo 2 by Natnie

Oh! Also, my best friend from high school is also on :devart: - check her out: :iconmayinfirenze: mayinfirenze

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